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Misson: Inclusion

In "Mission: Inclusion", we connect companies, social organisations, social actors and students to develop social entrepreneurial solutions for an inclusive working world. In the Bachelor's module of the 2024 summer semester, students from various disciplines learn about social entrepreneurial expertise and methods for developing business ideas. Highlights include the "Think Factory" and the "Practical Impulse", where students come together with practitioners to understand practical challenges and develop solutions.

The "Mission: Inclusion" programme will take place for the third time in the 2024 summer semester. You can gain an insight into the last programme here.

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The "Inclusion Think Factory" forms the central starting point of our programme. Here, people from business and civil society have the opportunity to share their real challenges in the area of inclusive working environments. Together, we look for problems that urgently need to be addressed and value the diversity of different perspectives.
Whether you as a company are new to the topic or already have experience - your point of view is crucial to us. Including the perspective of people with disabilities on work and inclusion is also particularly important to us. As a social actor and expert in the target group of people with disabilities, we look forward to hearing your valuable insights and experiences.

Registrations for the think tank by e-mail to 

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In the practical impulse, we deepen our understanding of the identified challenges. An interactive concept brings together practice partners and students, supported by experts from the field of inclusion. Together, we will discuss the obstacles to an inclusive working world that we have already uncovered in the think tank. A deep understanding of these challenges is crucial in order to develop sustainable solutions that can bring about positive change in the long term.

The value for students: We lay the foundation for the working phase of the student teams. The students benefit from direct contact with the practice partners.

Value for the practice partners: They benefit from direct exchange with like-minded people, expand their network and come into direct contact with the student teams. This gives you an insight into the idea development process right from the start and allows you to be part of it.

Register for the practical impulse by e-mail to tina.beeg@uni-bayreuth.de

Foto des Arbeitsprozesses

After the practical impulse, the student teams enter the work phase (April to June). Here they are provided with input on social entrepreneurship in seminars and learn methods for developing ideas. Their task is to develop solution ideas for the identified problems, supported by practice partners as experts (e.g. as interview partners).

Students can register for the seminar here:


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In the pitch final, the student teams present their ideas and receive feedback from practice partners and interested parties. This final not only marks the end of the programme, but also the beginning of the transfer of ideas into practice. Here, students and practice partners have the unique opportunity to be inspired by creative solutions and at the same time hold initial discussions on the implementation of the ideas.

Registrations for the pitch final by e-mail to 

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In order to show videos we use the services of third-party providers. These providers can collect data about your activities. Further details can be found under “Learn more”.

We need your consent to load content.
In order to show videos we use the services of third-party providers. These providers can collect data about your activities. Further details can be found under “Learn more”.

Practice partners:

As part of "Mission: Inclusion" you benefit from

  • Inspiring exchange and new perspectives
  • Active idea development for your challenges
  • Direct contact with student teams for a strong employer brand
  • Visibility at our events and on social media

All interested companies and social stakeholders, such as associations, authorities and social organisations, are cordially invited to become part of "Mission: Inclusion". Practice partners can decide for themselves how much they want to get involved. The following options are available:

Network onlyHide

You will take part in one or more events (think tank, practical impulse, pitch final). Here you will have the opportunity to network with other practice partners, students and the project initiators.

Expert onlyHide

They are available for interviews as practice partners. The student teams work on real challenges of an inclusive working environment. It is therefore important that they can compare their assumptions with practice during the idea development process. As an "expert only", you can be available for interviews. You can determine the duration and number of interviews according to your time resources.

All inHide

You are represented as a practice partner at the events - or selected events - and are also available as an interview partner. This allows you to actively accompany and help shape the process. By maintaining a close connection to the student teams and the solution process, you maximise the output.

For students:

As part of "Mission: Inclusion" you will:

  • practical experience in a social project with a social impact
  • social entrepreneurial know-how to develop solutions and skills to implement your ideas
  • Insights into social entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • Networking with practice partners and experts from various fields

Students can register for the seminar here.

Contact person:

Ein Porträt von Eva Jakob

Prof. Dr. Eva Alexandra Jakob
Junior Professor for Social Entrepreneurship

Project management


Tina Beeg, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin der Uni Bayreuth

Tina Beeg
Research assistant

Haus 1, Zapf-Gebäude
Nürnberger Str. 38
95448 Bayreuth


Ein Porträt von Philipp Ott

Philipp Ott
Research assistant at the University of Bayreuth

E-Mail: philipp.ott@uni-bayreuth.de

The "Mission: Inclusion" 2024 programme is being implemented as part of the "RIA - Regional Innovation Architecture" project (think factory, practical impulse, pitch final) and "U4Impact" (course for students).

The "RIA" project is sponsored and implemented by:

The "U4Impact" project is supported by:

U4Impact is a joint project of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (University of Bayreuth) and part of the start-up support programme OHM Potential (Nuremberg Institute of Technology).

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