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JP Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob

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Social Entrepreneurial Skills: Essential for Any Career Path

The aim of my professorship is to enable young people to act in a socially entrepreneurial manner. Social entrepreneurial skills are important to find solutions to our societal challenges such as climate change or loneliness. Thus, the knowledge and linked competencies in the field of social entrepreneurship are essential for social entrepreneurs and researchers to be, but also for people who later work in existing companies, organizations, authorities or as “regular” founders. The question of how we manage to combine social, ecological and economic goals is important for all areas of work and the answer to it is at the same time very challenging.

Learning through failure and learning to deal with contradictions

What does it mean to learn to act socially entrepreneurial? The combination of social, ecological and economic goals sounds very desirable, but is often challenging to implement. That is why my courses combine solid basic knowledge of what constitutes social entrepreneurship and what constitutes social enterprises. At the same time, the courses integrate practical, experienced-based learning units in which you learn how to deal with contradictions and failure. The teaching program covers the following subject areas in different events in order to impart basic knowledge, research knowledge and application competence for developing your own social entrepreneurial solutions:

  1. What - what is social entrepreneurship?
  2. Why - Why are there social enterprises and what are their effects?
  3. How - How do you found a social startup?

The current range of courses can be found under Events.

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