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JP Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob

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Finished projects

Innovation project: Rethinking the donation market

How can I start a business that is economically stable and socially meaningful? This is the question the students of the practice-oriented Impact Startup Clinic are asking themselves. Practice partner Heribert Trunk and the Chance Jugend Stiftung offer support in developing a promising business model that has both economic and social/environmental impact. Particularly promising business models can expect funding beyond the format limits. Useful tools and coaching are available during the workshops.

Held*innen der Heimat Oberfranken

The Held*innen der Heimat program is a competition concept of the Adalbert Raps Foundation to activate regional commitment for Upper Franconia and to increase the visibility of civic engagement. The program pushes the implementation of new charitable ideas through content-related impulses, networking and financial support.

Together with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, JP Social Entrepreneurship provides scientific and practical support for the project, creating impact for the Upper Franconia region and promoting social participation in this way.

Social Entrepreneurship Mission: Inclusion

In this practice-oriented event, students learn how to implement sustainable and/or social business ideas in a team on the topic of "inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market" and achieve social impact. They receive the necessary tools and applications for this in workshops and are regularly accompanied by coaching until the final pitch in the team.

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