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JP Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob

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Das gesamte Team des Institutes für Entrepreneurship & Innovation
5 Teilnehmer sitzen bei der Diskussionsrunde SINA
Gruppenfoto beim Kick-off Event zur Fördermaßnahme „impact-orientierten Entrepreneurship-Qualifizierung“
Podiumsdiskussion am Bavarian Impact Festival
Gruppenbild des gesamten Helden der Heimat Teams
Team im Arbeitsprozess
Gruppenfoto Projekt Inklusion 2023
Foto von Eva Jakob bei der Präsentation

​Welcome to the Junior Professorship for Social Entrepreneurship

Become part of the ecosystem of researchers, founders and supporters for all aspects of social entrepreneurship.

What does social entrepreneurship mean? It's about using entrepreneurial methods to develop innovative solutions for our greatest societal challenges such as climate change, migration and loneliness. The innovative solutions are mostly implemented in start-ups (e.g. Ecosia, the search platform that plants trees), but can also be used to transform existing companies (e.g. Reckhaus, the manufacturer of insect control products that saves insects).

The task of the junior professorship for Social Entrepreneurship is to train the next generation of scientists, founders and executives to use entrepreneurial methods to shape a grandchildren-proven future. For me, training means equipping those interested in the necessary know-how for socio-entrepreneurial research and / or practice. It also means to allow room for trail and error in order to promote one's own learning and self-efficacy.

My name is Eva Alexandra Jakob and I offer know-how and experience in three different ways:

  • Unterstand – Research: Evidence-based research on social entrepreneurship
  • Learn – Teaching: Practice and research-relevant teaching formats and events on social entrepreneurship
  • Build - Start-up Funding: Events, coaching, networking, financing for budding social entrepreneurs

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