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JP Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob

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Innovation project: Rethinking the donation market

How can I start a business that is economically stable and socially meaningful?

This is the question the students of the practice-oriented Impact Startup Clinic are asking themselves. Practice partner Heribert Trunk and the Chance Jugend Stiftung offer support in developing a promising business model that has both economic and social/environmental impact. Particularly promising business models can expect funding beyond the format limits. Useful tools and coaching are available during the workshops.

The goal of the event is to develop business models that help nonprofit organizations reach people under 40 for donations. Participants will be confronted with real-life social or environmental challenges that need to be solved using the design thinking process.

The event "A Donut with Heribert Trunk" kicked off the projekt to give students and interested parties an insight into the work of our practice partner. In this interview format, Heribert Trunk was available to answer all questions. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to get into a personal exchange with our practice partner of the Impact Startup Clinic teaching format and Prof. Eva Jakob.

The project consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Introduction to the problem

At a kick-off event, participants get to know the practice partner and the five challenges that need to be addressed. Students from the various disciplines also network with each other to form teams.

Phase 2: Problem analysis & solution development

During a two-day interactive workshop, the problem is analyzed in detail by the participants and the first ideas are then developed. Various methods for generating ideas, the practice partner and the coaches are available at all times to assist in the process of developing solutions.

Phase 3: Validation & transfer to a business model

The idea development phase is followed by a phase to validate the developed concepts to transfer them into a promising business model. For this purpose, prototypes are developed to obtain feedback from other participants, the practice partner, and experts from the field. Considering these important insights and further ideas, final business models are developed. In contrast to other practical seminars, this is not the end! An idea and a team of committed students have the chance to be selected and financed for implementation in practice.

We are excited about the solution implementation together with Heribert Trunk and the Chance Jugend Stiftung.


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Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob
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