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JP Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob

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Held*innen der Heimat

The Held*innen der Heimat program is a competition concept of the Adalbert Raps Foundation to activate regional commitment for Upper Franconia and to increase the visibility of civic engagement. The program pushes the implementation of new charitable ideas through content-related impulses, networking and financial support.

Together with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, JP Social Entrepreneurship provides scientific and practical support for the project, creating impact for the Upper Franconia region and promoting social participation in this way.

Teams from 10 nonprofit organizations from a wide range of sectors were selected for the program, which offered a diverse and interactive format to look forward to.

The project consisted of three stages:

  • Step 1: Workshops & Coaching

In the course of three joint workshops and individual coaching sessions, the selected teams worked together to grow closer together, create a clear vision, sharpen their impact, communicate in a target group-specific manner, and create opportunities for long-term organizational and project financing. JP Social Entrepreneurship developed the individual workshops, conducted them, and accompanied the teams with individual coaching sessions.

  • Step 2: Held*innen der Heimat Festival

Following the workshops and coaching sessions, the Held*innen der Heimat Festival took place. Here, all participating teams had the opportunity to present their personal and further development of their projects to the audience and the jury in a pitch on stage at the German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt. Thus, the diverse social commitment in the region of Upper Franconia became visible and brings the social actors the deserved attention.

The jury was able to award three teams as superhero teams. These three winning teams each received 15.000€ of unconditional money and qualified for the final phase and thus receive an additional year of coaching and workshops.

The winning Teams:

  • Lacrima” of Johanniter Unfallhilfe Regionalverband Oberfranken e.V.
  • "TüftlerTreff" of the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung Kulmbach
  • neo Makerspace” of the Institute for Innovative Education e.B.
  • Step 3: “Work & Grow”

In this "Work and Grow" phase, which runs from October 2022 to October 2023, the focus is on implementing the organizations' offerings and increasing their impact in Upper Franconia. Here, the three selected teams receive an additional year of individual coaching support from JP Social Entrepreneurship as well as the opportunity to participate in further workshops together.


Ein Porträt von Eva Jakob

Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob
Professor for Social Entrepreneurship

  • ​Project management

Mail: eva.jakob@uni-bayreuth.de

Ein Porträt von Christian-Teringl

Christian Teringl
Doctoral student & Research assistant​

  • Scientific monitoring and management of the workshops and coaching sessions

Mail: christian.teringl@uni-bayreuth.de

Ein Porträt von Marie Enzberger

Marie Enzberger
Student assistant​

  • Scientific monitoring and support for the workshops and coaching sessions

Mail: marie.s.enzberger@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Juniorprofessor Eva Jakob

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