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JP Social Entrepreneurship – Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob

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Start-up ecosystem with a societal mission

In addition to research and teaching on social entrepreneurship, the professorship takes on the task of establishing an ecosystem in and around Bayreuth that supports social entrepreneurs in founding and growing. Building on the activities of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we offer prospective founders with social or ecological goals support in developing a business model and networking with suitable mentors or cooperation partners. The target group of the coaching are, among others, students, graduates, (scientific) employees and professors.

 While (prospective) social entrepreneurs are the core of the ecosystem, other supporters are important. You are an investor and looking for suitable teams that develop socio-ecological business models? You are a founder and would you like to come into contact with young people? Do you work in an existing company and would like to understand how your employees can develop social entrepreneurial skills? Do you belong to a social organization and are you looking for innovators? Feel free to contact me and become an active part of the region's young social entrepreneurship network.

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Networking with important players in the social entrepreneurship scene

Beyond the university and city boundaries, the professorship networks with central input providers around the world. We regularly exchange ideas with founders, researchers, infrastructure providers and investors in the field of social entrepreneurship.


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